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Simon Haynes - Collect One Two

Bowman Press
Trade paperback
5.25" x 8"
200 pages
7.99 USD
6.99 GBP
7.99 EUR
13.95 AUD

Now available in paperback from amazon.com and Barnes & Noble
Also available on Kindle in two volumes: Collect One and Collect Two.

If you'd like a signed copy (posted worldwide), contact me for details.

Collect One-Two contains the following stories by Hal Spacejock author Simon Haynes: Sleight of Hand, The Desolator, Updown, A Piece of the Action, Catch of the Day, Yard Fail, Off Course, Billy's Book, Loss Leader, Fizz!, Thonn Day and Escape Clause.

Updown: Social services have come to take 10-year old Daniel away from his home and family, but his best friend Danny has other ideas ...

Sleight of Hand: After a cosy meal, the protagonist retires to his host's workshop for an after-dinner drink ... and becomes the unwitting subject of an experiment.

The Desolator: Join Hurm, Runt and Father Mephistophiles as they struggle to save the hamlet of Yendour from a marauding dragon.

A Piece of the Action: Flat broke and stranded in a South American country, Ralph Gardiner is nursing a beer and contemplating the wreckage of his life. No money, no prospects, and worst of all ... the beer is warm. When a local businessman approaches him with a curious job offer, Ralph decides he has very little to lose ...

Catch of the Day: Ken Green hooks a whopper, then discovers he's caught more than he bargained for.

Yard Fail: When Ralph Swindon tinkers in his workshop, the whole world holds its breath ...

Off Course: An alien fleet invades the wrong hole.

Billy's Book: Billy Crump is the local stable boy. Fed up with mucking out horses, he sneaks into the wizard's lab, concocts a potion using all the rare and expensive ingredients, and somehow ends up with a talking book. His first thought? Sell the book ... and say goodbye to horse muck forever!

Loss Leader: After delays and last-minute setbacks, the first colony ship leaves planet Earth for a distant star. Join the crew as they discover all is not as it seems...

Fizz!: Earth's transit system has been revolutionised by a network of teleporters. Now, instead of being afraid to fly, most people are afraid to teleport.

Thonn Day: Magick is banned in Thonn's world, outlawed after greedy and power-hungry wizards almost destroyed the entire planet. So imagine his surprise when he spies Eddie de Elder performing Magick spells!

Escape Clause: A mistreated worker decides to take matters into his own hands.

Total length is approximately 48,000 words. Each title is also available separately on Amazon Kindle.