Special Offer

Join Hal Spacejock's Support Crew!

No! In fact, I'll reward YOU.
Is there a membership form? Uh-uh!
Do I have to be qualified in any way? Oh, please!

What's this reward? Email me after you've blogged about the support crew and I'll send you a Hal Spacejock ebook - free. Your choice of Hal 1 or 2.

Tell me more!

To join Hal Spacejock's support crew you only need two things: A blog (or website) and a mouse. First, create a new post:

Title: Hal Spacejock's Support Crew
Intro: (Whatever you like. E.g. 'Don't blame me, I'm a sucker for the latest viral marketing scheme.')
Post: This is the important bit. Copy the code from one of the text boxes below and paste it into your blog exactly as shown. (You can see what it'll look like at the top of this page. Yes, there's a lot of it. No, it won't break your blog.)

Add any comments you want afterwards. E.g. 'Pick me, pick me' or 'What the hell was that all about?' are ideal.

And what about the mouse? Feed it, keep its cage clean and give it fresh food every day.

(By the way, if you paste the code from the first box and it loses the line breaks, try the code in the second box. And with some blogs - e.g. Wordpad - you have to switch to 'code' or 'html' editing mode before pasting. The third box contains BB code suitable for forums.)

This code for LJ, Blogger:

With line breaks. (Wordpress or html pages):

BB suitable code for many forums.

What does the code do?

If you get it right, it should look just like this:

I joined Hal Spacejock's Support Crew

I didn't pay anything,
I didn't sign anything,
and I didn't read the fine print.
Just like Hal!

No space pilot can exist in a vacuum (hah!), and behind every successful pilot there's a talented and dedicated support crew.

Hal Spacejock is one of the least successful space pilots in the history of the galaxy, and a worldwide support crew is needed just to get him off the ground.

What's in it for you?

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Hal Spacejock ... Après moi le wreckage