The Hal Spacejock series

Welcome to the Old Kingdom!

Dodge dragons, fight knights, help halflings ... it's tough being a robot in a medieval kingdom. Worst of all, there's nowhere to recharge!

Featuring Clunk - the beloved robot from the Hal Spacejock series - as well as the oddball protagonists from The Desolator, this novel promises to bring you the biggest laughs of the year.


Early in 2018 I posted an April Fool's joke claiming I was going to publish a medieval fantasy satire called 'A Game of Clunks'.
Within half an hour, I'd had such a huge response that I promised to actually write the novel.
It turned out to be such a huge undertaking that I released it as three full-length novels (roughly 80,000 words each.)
The entire trilogy was written in three months.

A Portion of Dragon and Chips (Audiobook)

Narrated by Graeme Hague

Running time: 7 hours 30 minutes (approx)

A Portion of Dragon and Chips (Audiobook) cover art (c) Miblart/Bowman Press

The Dragon and Chips series

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