An Enigma in Silver

• 2008 Aurealis Award Finalist

• Finalist, 2008 Ditmar Award

• Winner, 2008 WASFF award

A cunning rival determined to ruin Hal's business, an attractive trainee peace officer facing a dangerous investigation and a planet with more bugs than a new operating system ... When Hal and Clunk set out to make a fresh start, this wasn't exactly what they had in mind.

Now Hal must choose: take on the rival to save his own business, or help the trainee with her first - and possibly last - investigation?

Whatever he decides, it's No Free Lunch for Hal Spacejock!

Hal Spacejock 04 No Free Lunch

Hal Spacejock 04 No Free Lunch cover art (c) Simon Haynes

The Hal Spacejock series

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