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Australian SF & Fantasy Conventions

Never been to a Science Fiction convention? Expecting hundreds of geeks dressed in Star Trek uniforms? In fact, most photos you see of weird-looking people in outlandish costumes are taken from the masquerade ball which is tradionally held on a Saturday night. This is like publishing photos from your office Christmas party as examples of your daily working conditions.
So, set your preconceptions aside and read Bluefive's Newbie's Guide To SF Conventions. Cons are fun, but a lot more serious than you might think.

Conventions are listed in the order they occur each year. Some may be one-offs - check web sites for details. As the author of the Hal Spacejock series it's my duty to encourage sales of these highly desirable books, so I go along to arm-wrestle people into the dealers room. And to sell them copies of Andromeda Spaceways.
In all honesty, I go because I like attending cons.

Con 9 From Outer Space (Celebrating the golden age of science fiction movies, TV and radio)

Conflux (ACT)

Continuum (VIC)

Genghiscon (WA)

Nullus Anxietas (Discworld Con, Vic)

Swancon (WA, my local con.)

If you run a con in Australia, please email me to have it listed.