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Simon Haynes - Bibliography

Dec 1995 'Robots R Us' Runner-up, Microsoft Communique magazine SF competition
I reused this idea in the first Hal Spacejock book.
Dec 1996 'Ooloowoo' Winner, Microsoft Communique magazine SF competition
Feb 2000 'Hal Spacejock' short-listed for the George Turner Prize, Random House
The George Turner Prize was an Australian competition for unpublished SF/Fantasy novels
Feb 2000 'False Alarm' appeared in Antipodean SF issue 27
Mar 2000 'Pastimes' appeared in Antipodean SF issue 30 (And has since been reprinted in Flashspec Volume 1)
Sept 2000 'Infection' appeared in Antipodean SF issue 36 (Since reprinted in a computer club magazine.)
Oct 2000 'Sleight of Hand' published in Potato Monkey
Winner of the 2001 Aurealis Award for Short Story - Horror
Jun 2001 'Hal Spacejock' (Novel) Bowman Publishing
First edition with very limited distribution.
'Loss Leader' Andromeda Spaceways Inflight Magazine #3
'Escape Clause' (Andromeda Spaceways Inflight Magazine #4)
'The Desolator' short story (Andromeda Spaceways Inflight Magazine #6)
Apr 2003 'Hal Spacejock - Second Course ' (Novel) Bowman Publishing
First Edition - Very limited distribution.
Apr 2004 'Hal Spacejock - Just Desserts' (Novel) Bowman Publishing
First edition. Very limited distribution - under 100 copies printed.
Sep 2005 'Hal Spacejock' (Fremantle Press)
(The second edition of this novel, completely rewritten and extended by over 12,000 words.)

Now renamed "A Robot Named Clunk"

Oct 2005 'Hal's New Ship' (Words fail me ... see for yourself) Hal's New Ship (PDF)
Something I put together for my three-year-old nephew
Mar 2006 Hal Spacejock Second Course (Fremantle Press)
(The second edition, completely rewritten)
Jan 2007 'Hal Spacejock Just Desserts' (Fremantle Press)
(The second edition, rewritten and extended)
Jun 2008 'Hal Spacejock 4: No Free Lunch' (Fremantle Press)
(First edition)
Sept 2011 Hal Spacejock
Hal Spacejock Second Course
Hal Spacejock Just Desserts
Hal Spacejock No Free Lunch

All four titles were given a light edit and re-released in ebook format under the 'Bowman Press' imprint.
Oct 2011 Hal Junior 1: The Secret Signal
(First edition. 30,000 word illustrated children's book.)
Published under the Bowman Press imprint in paperback and ebook.
Hal Junior is set in the Hal Spacejock universe, and features cameos from some of the adult characters as well as in jokes and references to the Hal Spacejock books.
June 2012 Collect One-Two
A dozen short stories collected in one paperback volume.
Released by Bowman Press.
June 2012 Hal Junior 2: The Missing Case
(First edition. 30,000 word illustrated children's book.)
Released in Paperback and Ebook editions by Bowman Press.
July 2012 Hal Spacejock 5: Baker's Dough
Released in Paperback and Ebook editions by Bowman Press.

1 novel and 18 short stories released under a pen name.
2013 Hal Junior 3
Hal Spacejock 6
2014 Hal Spacejock 7
Busy year!


Hal Spacejock 8: Double Trouble
Harriet Walsh 1: Peace Force
Harriet Walsh 2: Alpha Minor
Harriet Walsh 3: Sierra Bravo
How to Write a Novel
A Portion of Dragon and Chips
A Butt of Heads
Albion (A Hal Spacejock novella)

In progress:

A Pair of Nuts on the Throne
Audiobook edition of A Robot Named Clunk

In planning:

Hal Spacejock 9: Max Damage
Hal Spacejock 10: Medium Four
Hal Junior 4: The Comet Caper
Three novels in the Crowded Space series
Three additional novels under a pen name.