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School Visits

Authors love to write, and many of us love to talk as well! Blogs, Twitter, Facebook ... you can't shut us up most of the time. The good news is that authors are a great fit for the classroom, because we love to promote reading, writing and critical thinking!

I'm based in Perth, Western Australia, and I'm willing to travel all over the metro area to visit your school. I've attended All Saints' Kids' Lit festivals, Rosalie Primary School Writers' Festivals, Children's Book Week events, National Literacy Week events and have also given talks for the Australian Society of Authors, the Australian Copyright Council, and many others. I tailor every talk to the age group (kids or adults!), and I'm also flexible on timing.

Below are two examples:

Option 1. Explore the future with a science fiction author!

The internet, mobile phones, portable computing ... technology has already changed our lives beyond recognition, but what happens next? Are there any new and amazing gadgets heading our way, and what are the implications for our everyday lives?

During this 45-minute session I will discuss future technology, posing questions and asking the audience to consider the huge changes some of these devices might have on our society and environment.

I will also describe the life of an author, including anecdotes from my early years in rural Spain.

Option 2. Short story writing workshop

I have developed a 35-40 minute mini workshop which introduces primary school ages to short story planning.

During these sessions I cover the basics of story construction, giving each child a worksheet to be filled out during the lesson. Most terms on the form are incomplete, and the kids enjoy guessing what C_____ or J___ might be. It's particularly rewarding when they get it right. (You can see the current version of the form here as a PDF file.)

Kids are encouraged to be as creative as they like with characters, setting and so on, and nothing they dream up is too silly. Participation includes asking students to share what they wrote down, and during my talks I like to encourage as many questions as possible.

If you'd like me to visit your school (Western Australia only at this time), feel free to contact me. I use the standard ASA author payment rates.