The Hal Spacejock series
Four novels, each the start of an ongoing series!

Contains A Robot Named Clunk, Peace Force, Secret War: Raiders and A Portion of Dragon and Chips

A Portion of Dragon and Chips

Welcome to the Old Kingdom!

Dodge dragons, fight knights, help halflings ... it's tough being a robot in a medieval kingdom. Worst of all, there's nowhere to recharge!

Featuring Clunk - the beloved robot from the Hal Spacejock series - as well as the oddball protagonists from The Desolator, this novel promises to bring you the biggest laughs of the year.


Early in 2018 I posted an April Fool's joke claiming I was going to publish a medieval fantasy satire called 'A Game of Clunks'.
Within half an hour, I'd had such a huge response that I promised to actually write the novel.
It turned out to be such a huge undertaking that I released it as three full-length novels (roughly 80,000 words each.)
The entire trilogy was written in three months.

Peace Force

The Peace Force is an intergalactic crime-fighting organisation with a fearsome reputation, boundless resources, and legions of well-trained officers.

Harriet Walsh, 21, doesn't care about any of that. She's just spent the past two years looking after her sick aunt. Now she's alone, with no job and no prospects, and she's about to be evicted.

To her, the Peace Force offers a steady job with real wages, and her invitation to join could not have come at a better time.

But why is it printed on the back of an old junk food flyer?

And how come she's never seen a Peace Force officer?

With the crumpled invite in hand, Harriet heads for the local Peace Force branch... and discovers there's a whole lot less to the famed organisation than she expected.

What's more, they desperately need her help!

Secret War: Raiders

Sam Willet is on the way to her brother's memorial service when her deep-space transport is attacked.
Desperately short of pilots, the captain asks Sam to step up.
Now, at last, she has the chance to prove herself.
Now, at last, she can become the fighter pilot she was always meant to be.
But will that chance end in glory... or death?

A Robot Named Clunk

A pair of misfits accept an impossible cargo job. Can they beat the odds and deliver?

Buckle up for mayhem, mischief and payback as a creaky old robot and a down-on-his-luck space pilot turn the tables on the bad guys... and each other.

"Brilliantly quirky, wildly absurd"

"The perfect blend of adventure, conflict and laughable moments"

Four Starters

Four Starters cover art (c) Bowman Press
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