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Humourous SF/Fantasy Writers - Jasper Fforde

I'm happy to tell you I have a signed first edition of The Eyre Affair. Back in 2001 Stefen Brazulaitis of Dymocks Carousel thrust the book into my hands and told me I had to buy it. I bought it, read it and enjoyed it, but somehow I've missed the subsequent books in the Thursday Next series.

Sept 21 2006, and Jasper Fforde does a book signing at Dymocks Carousel. You won't be surprised to hear that I trucked along with my thumbed first edition - but I also picked up a copy of The Fourth Bear. Jasper spent quite a bit of time with each person in the queue, which was great, and we had one of those nutty conversations about hotel toasters. (I recently posted on my blog about making perfect toast, so I was able to sound halfway knowledgeable on the subject.)

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