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Hal Spacejock 07 Big Bang

Hal Spacejock 07 Big Bang

Book seven in the Hal Spacejock series

See Hal 1, Hal 2, Hal 3, Hal 4, Hal 5, Hal 6, Hal 7, Hal 8, Jnr 1, Jnr 2, Jnr 3, Harriet 1, Shorts

A house clearance job sounds like easy money, but rising floodwaters, an unstable landscape and a surprise find are going to make life very difficult for Hal and Clunk.

Hal Spacejock 07 Big Bang is book seven in the Hal Spacejock series.

This is a serialised novel in 10 parts
Now that all parts have been released, the entire novel has been published in ebook and will shortly be available in paperback too.

Frequently Asked Questions (Updated March 2014)

"Big Bang" is a strange choice of title.
Oh, I don't know. It's been known to follow desserts ...