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Hal Spacejock No Free Lunch by Simon Haynes (Book four in the series)

Hal Spacejock is a loner, struggling to make his way in a huge, uncaring galaxy. His occasional brushes with the law have left him wary and suspicious of authority.

The Peace Force is a proud and dedicated body of humans and robots who work together to solve crimes and keep the Galaxy safe.

Now, one of them desperately needs the other.

Hal was sitting in the Volante's flight deck, gazing at a satellite image of planet Dismolle on the main viewscreen. The display was centred on a sandy beach, where hoards of sunbathers were stretched out on their towels. 'Navcom, how do you zoom in again?'
  'That's the limit,' said the ship's computer, in her neutral female voice.
  'But I can't see anything!'
why it's the limit.'

A cunning rival determined to ruin Hal's business, an attractive trainee peace officer facing a dangerous investigation and a planet with more bugs than a new operating system ... When Hal and Clunk set out to make a fresh start, this wasn't exactly what they had in mind.

Now Hal must choose: take on the rival to save his own business, or help the trainee with her first - and possibly last - investigation?

Whatever he decides, it's No Free Lunch for Hal Spacejock!

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The Hal Spacejock series is perfect for fans of Hitchhiker's Guide and Red Dwarf

(See Hal 1, Hal 2, Hal 3, Hal 4, Hal 5, Hal 6, Hal 7, Hal 8, Jnr 1, Jnr 2, Jnr 3, Harriet 1, Shorts)

Publication Details

Title: Hal Spacejock 04 No Free Lunch by Simon Haynes
Publisher: Bowman Press
Bowman Press paperback edition: 978-1877034114
Kindle Ebook ISBN: 978-1-877034-05-3
Smashwords Ebook ISBN: [HalSmashwordsISBN]

Fremantle Press paperback edition available in Aust/NZ:
Format: Format: A-format Trade Paperback, 181x111mm, 383 pages
Paperback ISBN: 978-1-921361-08-1

The Hal Spacejock sci fi comedy series features robots in space, many pratfalls, british and australian humour, space travel and future history (in a distant galactic empire.) If you like Australian (or british!) style jokes and gags, you'll love this science fiction series.


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Published NaNoWriMo Novel

2008 Aurealis Award Finalist
Finalist, 2008 Ditmar Award
Winner, 2008 WASFF award