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The Hal Spacejock Series (Teen/Adult)

Hal Spacejock 03 Just Desserts cover art (c) Simon Haynes

Ebook and Paperback

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Hal Spacejock Just Desserts by Simon Haynes (Book three in the series)

Hal Spacejock has a hold crammed with the most valuable cargo of all: fresh food. Half a million credits worth, to be exact.
Unfortunately, a vital part fails just before take-off, putting the entire cargo at risk. Hal must locate a spare quickly, and he sets off on a quest for the replacement part.
Meanwhile, his ship sits alone and unprotected at the spaceport, a target for every thief on the planet.
Deliver the cargo safely, and Hal will pocket a nice little earner. Fail, and he'll lose everything.
But will his ship - and her precious cargo - even be there when he returns?

• Winner, WASFF award, 2007

The Hal Spacejock sci fi comedy series features robots in space, many pratfalls, british and australian humour, space travel and future history (in a distant galactic empire.) If you like Australian (or british!) style jokes and gags, you'll love this science fiction series.


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