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Hal Spacejock 05 Baker's Dough

Book five in the Hal Spacejock series
See Hal 1, Hal 2, Hal 3, Hal 4, Hal 5, Hal 6, Hal 7, Hal 8, Jnr 1, Jnr 2, Jnr 3, Harriet 1, Shorts

Hal Spacejock 05 Baker's Dough is available in ebook and paperback

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Robots have a tough life in Hal Spacejock's universe: as second-class citizens they have no rights, and most are overworked, mistreated, and recycled at the drop of a hat.

When Kim Baker, a wealthy industrialist, leaves his vast fortune to an elderly robot, it's front page news.

Unfortunately, the robot hasn't been seen for decades ...

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Frequently Asked Questions (Updated July 2012)

What's happening with the Hal Spacejock series?
In 2010 I got distracted writing the first Hal Junior novel. After The Secret Signal was released I sat down and wrote another Hal Junior book (The Missing Case). Then I started a third (the Gyris Mission), but I've just put that on hold to publish Hal 5.

I thought you were going to call this book 'Legacy'?
No, that was a provisional title. It's really called Baker's Dough because I'd like to make some bread out of it.

When will Hal 5 Legacy/Baker's Dough/Catchy Title be released?
It's out now! Kindle, Smashwords, Paperback, iTunes, B&N ... they're either available or currently being added to the catalogues. (See the shops page for more links.)

What are you going to do after Hal 5?
Hal Spacejock 6: Safe Art will be next. (Estimated release May 2013). It will NOT take as long as Hal 5 did.
I've already written Hal Junior 3: The Gyris Mission, but it needs editing into shape. It's possible Hal Jnr 3 will be out before Hal Spacejock 6.
After that I want to write Hal 7, 8, 9 ... all the way through 20 (they're already plotted and/or begun).

Why children's books? I want more Hal Spacejock!
Hal Junior is set in the same universe as Hal Spacejock. It features some of the same characters and locations, and Hal fans will spot in-jokes and sly references to the adult books. Seriously, give Hal Junior a chance ... I think you'll like it whatever your age.

The Hal Spacejock series is perfect for fans of Hitchhiker's Guide and Red Dwarf

(See Hal 1, Hal 2, Hal 3, Hal 4, Hal 5, Hal 6, Hal 7, Hal 8, Jnr 1, Jnr 2, Jnr 3, Harriet 1, Shorts)

Publication Details

Title: Hal Spacejock 05 Baker's Dough by Simon Haynes
Publisher: Bowman Press
Bowman Press paperback edition: 978-1-877034-13-8
Kindle Ebook ISBN: 978-1-877034-19-0
Smashwords Ebook ISBN: 978-1877034-21-3

The Hal Spacejock sci fi comedy series features robots in space, many pratfalls, british and australian humour, space travel and future history (in a distant galactic empire.) If you like Australian (or british!) style jokes and gags, you'll love this science fiction series.


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