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The Hal Spacejock Series (Teen/Adult)

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spacejock.com My software pages. Download free software for Windows including yWriter (my book writing software), yBook (ebook reader), yPlay (mp3 player) and many more.
book publishing An article by James D. Macdonald on how real book publishing is supposed to work. He should know - he's a real published author. Read this brief article and you'll avoid all the scams.

They Stole My Idea! Life is full of amazing coincidences. Read this blog post about one of them.

Scifi Arizona Michael McCollum's site contains articles on how to write, and how to write science fiction. These are updated every month and are well worth reading. Michael also offers an ebook and POD publishing service.

Midnight Oil Published writers offer helpful and insightful thoughts about writing for children and publishing & promoting your work. Margot Finke also offers critiques at a reasonable fee.

Will editors steal
my ideas?
Why you shouldn't worry about your manuscript while you're shopping it around.

My writing blog My blog. Thoughts on publishing, editing, proof readers, publicity and so on from a published author with three books in the pipeline.