The Dragon and Chips series
Hal Spacejock loves to watch cargo ships taking off for distant star systems.

One day, he promises himself. One day I'll leave this dump of a planet and explore the galaxy!

But Hal's not supposed to watch the ships.

No, his job is to load cargo into them... and he's not very good at it.

After a particularly bad mixup, Hal flees from his boss, certain he'll get the sack.

Instead, he runs smack-bang into an adventure that will alter the course of his life.

This is a prequel novella covering the events leading up to Hal 1: A Robot Named Clunk. You can read it before or after any of the Hal Spacejock novels.

Hal Spacejock: Zero

A prequel to the Hal Spacejock series

Hal Spacejock: Zero cover art (c) Bowman Press

The Hal Spacejock series

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