I'm Simon Haynes, programmer and author. Welcome to my website.

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I offer signed copies of my novels.

What do I write?

The Hal Spacejock Series (Teen/Adult)


New Release!

H2 2018

Signed Paperbacks

If you're interested in ordering signed copies of my novels, please email me for details.

I usually keep a couple of copies of each on hand.

Prices below include postage within Australia. Overseas postage is eye-wateringly expensive from Australia, and I generally don't send overseas. As a rough guide, if you live outside Australia you can expect to pay around double the prices below.

All my adult novels (Hal, Harriet, Robot vs Dragons) are A$24.95 each.
My Hal Junior novels are A$16.95 each
How to Write a Novel is A$14.95

All prices in Australian dollars. To see how much A$24.95 is in US dollars, click here

If the prices seem a little high, remember I've already paid postage from the USA to Australia on every copy!