I'm Simon Haynes, programmer and author. Welcome to my website.

I have a Facebook author page. Feel free to drop by and say hello.

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Why don't I charge for my software?

I could charge for every one of my software projects and I'd probably make a decent income.

Instead I use a 'pay what you like' model, where I give my software away* and trust that people will tip the programmer if they use and enjoy it.

(Several of my programs allow you to register your copy, and you're welcome to do that instead of donating. Gold level registrations earn you discounts on my manuscript evaluation and ebook creation services.)

Many people can't make online payments, and that's fine too. Telling others about my software (see 'Spread the Word' below) will only cost a few seconds of your time.

Remember - payments are optional! You're welcome to download and use my software for free, but remember that donations allow me to add new features and release new versions. They also keep my software free of toolbars and adware.

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* The free/donation model doesn't apply to FCharts Pro.