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The Hal Spacejock Series (Teen/Adult)


New Release!

H2 2018

Hal Spacejock Feedback

This page contains a selection of feedback received after the release of Hal Spacejock Just Desserts (Book 3).
(Names removed to protect the innocent.)
  • I love the books. It is great some of the looks i get reading your books on public transport when i burst out laughing with tears rolling down my cheeks and nearly fall off my seat. Cant wait for the next adventures of Hal, Clunk, The Navcom and all the rest
  • I'm going to have to catch up... I've only recently read the first book, which I really enjoyed!
  • An excellent effort with the books. Truly an excellent effort. Your characters are a welcome relief from the everyday boredom that surrounds us. This is the funniest series I've read. Hal, Clunk and Navcom...what a crack up! The Hal series is certainly a joy to read. Look forward to future releases.
  • I'm really looking forward to reading your latest book, my daughter also thinks you are terrific.
  • Can't wait to read the new book, absolutely love the series so far. They are p--s-my-pants laugh-out-loud hilariously funny.
  • I love your books. When I got my hands on the first one I read it in a couple of hours. I was so absorbed. I read the other two by the end of the week. Can't wait to get my hands on No Free Lunch.
  • To let you know how much I enjoy your books, I feel that Hal and Clunk are not just characters in a book, but friends of mine.
  • I absolutely love your books! They're brilliant! I couldn't stop laughing and i couldn't put them down.
  • I loved the first three Spacejock books and can't wait for No Free Lunch. (My daughter loves them too) Thanks for such a great read.

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  • Thanks for the wonderful, amazing, brilliant books! Keep on writing!
  • Your books are terrific, I love them and am looking forward to the next one, and the one after that and any others you intend to write. With so many bad things happening in the world it's always great to sit down and have a good laugh, and Hal and co. do that for me. Keep it up please; more, more, more!
  • Enjoyed the 1st two immensely, read them on international flights, amazing how they made the time fly (literally)
  • It'll hook you in on the first page and won't let you go! Hope you didn't have anything else planned.
  • Best read in a long time, just loved it, and will treasure forever.
  • Love the series, can't wait for the 4th book!!
  • I just recently read the first 3 books and loved them! I miss Hal already. :( April, get here soon. :) [Sorry - it's going to be June now!]
  • Read all three and loved them...laughed out loud! Eagerly awaiting #4.

  • Get Hal Spacejock now (epub, mobi, rtf and Kindle)

  • I ventured out and purchased your book. It was very funny without being corny! Can't wait for it to be converted into a movie.
  • I LOVED IT!!! I was laughing out loud for almost the entire book. [Hal 2] And doing that while traveling on trams in Central Melbourne gets you some pretty strange looks. : -) One memorable occasion as I was reading page 193 and the top of 194 where Clunk is [ ] behind the [ ] and then he crashes into the [ ]. I had tears STREAMING down my face I was lauging so hard. I nearly fell off my seat. [Details suppressed so as not to spoil the fun for others.] Thankyou sooo much for bringing your imagination to life. I loved the entire book; the characters, the plot, how you created that world (it was amazing). And who can forget the humour. Writing for that genre, not many people can do it, and in my experience, no one can do it as well as you. I cant wait to read the next installment.
  • "I haven't ploughed through a set like I have with the Hal Spacejock series in years. A great read and a laugh till your side hurts sense of humor. I love it and really can't wait till the next in the series is released."
  • "A friend recently put me onto this series - damn its awesome! Over 3 days I finished the first two books and I struggled to force myself to close the book when I arrived at uni for tutorials. Now that I have the third in my hands I don't expect I'll be sleeping much tonight :)"
  • "I've just finished reading 'Just Desserts' and I can't wait for your fourth book. Thanks for keeping your fans happy!"
  • "I really enjoyed your first book--ordered from Powells in the US. By the way, I love your current covers."
  • Finished your Hal Spacejock novel last night and parted from Hal and Clunk with great reluctance. What I liked best was that Hal isn't stupid, just stubborn, willful and inept. He genuinely (and wrongly) believes in his skills and abilities as a pilot or just about anything else he puts his mind to. I find that much more compelling in a character than Three Stooges' like pratfalls and playing who's dumber. I think it's refreshing to see a spoof of this cleverness and featuring genuinely charming and likable characters. I detect flashes of Mel Brooks here and there too. A fine tale, well told.
  • "It's not the zany slapstick style of comedy I was expecting - more of a really well developed, fun story with interesting characters and enough real-world observations to make it a very enjoyable read. Thanks for a great story."
  • "Whew! I just finished Hal Spacejock Second Course on Friday. May I just say, excellent? I really liked Hal 1, but I love Hal 2."
  • "Finished reading Hal Spacejock (the first book). It's awesome, I highly recommend it. Very funny, and Hal is like a cross between Han Solo and Arthur Dent. Although, I completely see why everyone is obsessed with Clunk. He's just cool. (Lets put it this way, if you like Red Dwarf, it's like Lister vs. Kryten. Lister's awesome, but Kryten is just.... well.... more. Very hard to explain.)

  • Get Hal Spacejock now (epub, mobi, rtf and Kindle)

  • "I enjoyed Hal Spacejock immensely!"
  • "During long delays at Sydney Airport last weekend, I wandered into the NewsLink store in search of something to read. On the shelf was Hal Spacejock (book 1). I already had a copy but had not read further than page 20 due to work. You will be pleased to learn that I bought a 2nd copy and have now read it in full. Lots of laughs. I am not a SCI-FI reader but what struck me was the the very Australian flavour. Is this a first in the genre? Aussie Sci-Fi? Your natural command of the Australian vernacular has no hint of a Spanish/English background. If the book/s is/are ever produced in film, Hal would need to be an Australian, in my opinion."
  • "A friend told me this was one of her best reads so far this year."
  • "Love your books, write faster!"
  • "I thoroughly enjoyed it, well done!!! My wife kept asking me why I was laughing when I was reading a Sci-Fi book. I recently purchased copies of books two and three and as soon as I am finished the last installment of Harry Potter (had to get in early before someone ruined the ending for me) I will immerse myself once more in the universe of Hal. Do I really have to wait till April for book 4???"
  • "I loved the first 2 books - keep up the great work."
  • "A flight hostess loaned me a copy of a one of the HS books on a long flight. Passed the time quickly."
  • "I loved the first two and can't wait to read Just Desserts"
  • "I know I'll be recommending it to all my friends - half way through Hal 3 and enjoying it immensely."
  • "I started laughing on page one and didn't stop until the epilogue."
  • "Great books, thoroughly enjoyed them, can't wait for 4,5,6 :-)"
  • "I picked up Hal Spacejock after finding your website and myspace page and, I really enjoyed it. Not only was I introduced into the wonderfully weird world of Hal and Clunk, but you also inspired me to take that next step in making my writing career an actual reality. (I know it is a long journey I still have to make, but I'm confident I'll get there in the end). Cheers and I look forward to picking up Hal #2 in the next few weeks :)"
  • "Just finished HS #3. Opened my head, took my brain out and laughed myself silly. keep up the fun and adventures."

  • Get Hal Spacejock now (epub, mobi, rtf and Kindle)

  • "I just finished your first Hal book and I really loved it. Now I just need to get the others."
  • "I finished Hal Spacejock today - it was a great, humorous read and I'm looking forward to starting 'Just Desserts' tonight. Keep up the good work!!"
  • "I just wanted to say how much I loved all your HS books so far. Even if I bought the first one because it compared Hal to Red Dwarf. It is great to see such a funny and sci fi related book written by a west australian."
  • "Just read the first book, can't say why i bought it I just did, as i headed out of the airport lounge to the plane. Haven't had a laugh like that because of a book for a long long time. Thoroughly enjoyed and will be purchasing as soon as i get back to Aus. Not going to say better than Red Dwarf just yet, after just one, but definately up there and an equal peer. TV series???????"
  • "Recently I gave my 81 yo mother, who has largely stopped reading, HS #1. I then went off with wife and kids to the coast for the night. When we returned the next day she thanked me for giving her your book... she had already finished it and loved every page. Thanks for writing something that woke her up and got her reading again. Now all I have to do is get the next two novels :-)"
  • "Second Course was yet another excellent read. Very enjoyable. I'll be starting Just Desserts tonight."
  • "I must say I thought Second Course really demonstrated that you were maturing in your art. I found it hugely enjoyable and as a story it held together superbly."
  • "On reading the first book, (plus nine pages into the next...) I'd just like to compliment you on your character of Clunk. Most first officers/primary support characters I have found are usually under-represented by authors in favour of the MC; not so here. IMO, you've carried off both HS and Clunk with all the humanity due them as vital central characters. If someone does indeed take your keyboard away, I'll be only too happy to shout you a new one.Thank you, for the refreshingly familiar Aussieness (to invent a word phrase) and the greatest reading and writing software programs that I've personally ever seen."
  • "It was a laugh a minute, it really was. I carried it around for three days reading whenever I had some free time. I think this is the first series I've read where the books have done nothing but get better."
  • "Hal Spacejock was the damn funniest sf book I have ever read and I have read a few! Keep this up and you might just shock people with a bloody bestseller!"
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