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Frontier by Simon Haynes

Sam Willet has just been assigned to fighter training, achieving a lifelong goal.

Unfortunately, she's in for a shock. Facilities on the frontier planet are second-rate, her tutors are tired and jaded, and the training is as basic as it gets.
When things go badly wrong during a live combat exercise, Sam's hauled before the squadron leader for punishment.
Her career as a fighter pilot appears to be over before it really began.

Then, without warning, the enemy launches a major attack. Against this overwhelming force, every pilot is needed... Sam included.

Now is her chance to redeem herself.
Now is her chance to fight back.

But the enemy's ambitions go far beyond the destruction of a second-rate training base and the capture of a frontier planet. If their bold plan succeeds, it could change the entire course of the war.
Facing a desperate struggle against impossible odds, can Sam and her fellow trainees defeat the enemy, or will their lives be spent in vain?

The Secret War series ... gripping scifi by Simon Haynes


Raiders Frontier Deadlock

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